Who We Are

Carpentry began 6 years ago. Providing you a better space.

Fast forward to today. Wether it be a full bathroom, kitchen, or living room remodel; or a custom built-in, molding installation, or furniture build, it is of utmost importance that Modern Woodland Construction makes your job as beautiful as you imagined it to be and the process of the job to be as seamless and stress free as possible.

We can assure you that your best interest will be in mind no matter the cost. What good is our ability and skill if you can’t trust us to give you an awesome experience and a stress free environment with your project.

Our Story

How It All Started

Hello, my name is Levi Licavoli, owner of Modern Woodland
Construction. If I may, I would like to divulge some information about
Modern Woodland Construction that could change your perspective of my company forever.
It started with and idea from my girlfriend (now wife) “you like to build stuff lets start a business!” From that point on we started working together building furniture and signs to sell. With her perfectionistic character and my desire to work with wood we started to get to work. To satisfy my income I started to work for a remodeling contractor. Between working as a sub contractor and working on me and my wife’s business, my true passion for remodeling and woodworking was kindled and turned into a roaring forest fire.

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Think of where you are at this moment and why you are on this website. You are in your kitchen or at your dining room table. Maybe you are sitting on your living room couch or laying in bed. Wherever you are you have made a decision to take another step forward into finally remodeling, altering, or building your dream. Your desire that grows stronger every day within you. Now you are looking for a contractor, a company that is honest and does quality work. But more than that you want a contractor that both listens and genuinely cares about your vision. Maybe you have had a referral from a friend or family member, but still you searched for a contractor online and something somehow brought you here to Modern Woodland Construction. Something gravitated you towards us; something seems different. Maybe it is that emptiness or void of trying to find the right contractor that is being filled as you search through our website.

Let’s create your dream home!

If you feel we are the right company for you, go
ahead and call Levi at 586-255-9327 for a no obligations informative
conversation about your project that could lead you to the destination that
you desire.